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Our Services

At Master Lawn Care & Landscaping Service, we offer a large variety of outdoor maintenance and restoration services. Through each service, our team places a large emphasis on quality, maintenance, customer satisfaction, and perfection. With over 15 years of business, our team has mastered our craft, provides expert service on every project, and is here to turn your dream outdoor landscape into a reality.


Master Lawn Care & Landscaping Service specializes in lawn care services including mowing. Our team ensures each lawn is mowed on time, every week, and is done so in a professional  manner. Our experts are equipped with all the equipment needed to get the job done quickly, and with perfect precision every time.  

Regular weekly mowing helps a lawn resist weeds, insects and disease. Infrequent mowing causes too much grass to be removed at one time! Infrequently mowed grass also produces a lawn that looks thin, spotty or burned. As a general rule, we never cut more than one-third of the length of your grass at a time.

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Dethatching is one of the many services Master Lawn Care and Landscaping Service provides. After every lawn mowing, it is inevitable to leave some grass clippings behind - which in moderation is excellent for a lawn - however, over time these grass clipping compact into a material called thatch. Thatch is known to prevent water and other nutrients from getting through to the roots of your lawn, and can be a great place for insects to hide. 


To help eliminate this problem, Master Lawn Care and Landscaping service performs our dethatching services where we use a power rake, pull up dead grass thatch buildup, and which point we can reseed the entire lawn, fertilize, water causing your lawn to thicken and become rejuvenated.  

Spring/Fall Clean Up

At Master Lawn Care and Landscaping Service, we provide complete spring and fall lawn clean ups. Spring and fall clean up is usually done to prepare your lawn and gardens for another growing season, or to prepare for the winter and ensure your property is ready upon springs arrival. These lawn clean ups are generally scheduled to remove as many leaves and pieces of debris from your property as possible. Our team of outdoor specialists blow the leaves and debris from all landscape beds and other garden areas into the mowing area. Next, our team goes over the entire lawn with a mower mounted vacuum system to collect all the blown debris where it is then hauled away and disposed of. 

Shrub Trimming & Shrub Removal

At Master Lawn Care and Landscaping Service, our team also provides shrub trimming and shrub removal services. Not only is a trimmed shrub visually appealing, shrub trimming is essential to the life of your growing shrubs as it helps remove branches that are dead (or dying), and helps prepare that area for new growth. It can also help increase the longevity of the plant by preparing the plant to withstand harsh snow, ice, and even powerful storms. However, if a shrub or shrub area is just getting out of control, and its time to go, our team can also assist with removing the shrub all together and help create a new outdoor space for you. 

Mulch Installation

At Master Lawn Care and Landscaping Service, mulching is our specialty. Mulch, not only tastefully enhances garden beds, it also improves the health and nutrition of both soil and plants. A layer of mulch conserves moisture and insulates the soil. It also keeps the ground cool in the summer and protects plants from cold winter weather. Master Lawn Care and Landscaping Service uses only the best mulch available, and install several different types of mulch including : hardwood, cedar ,brown, red mulch and more.

Decorative Rock Installation

Master Lawn Care and Landscaping Service also offers decorative rock installation services. There are many benefits to decorative rock, including the fact that they offer extremely low maintenance all year long! Natural stone acts as a weed deterrent and with the proper placement, you won't have to worry about grass growth either! In addition to that, decorative rock also helps with natural water control. The stone can serve as a natural drainage system to help mitigate your property from water damage. Lastly, decorative rock and be one of the most beautiful landscapes for your home, and has become a very popular choice for home owners in recent years.

Sidewalk & Patio Installation

Master Lawn Care and Landscaping Service can help install your very own custom sidewalk and patio! A custom patio can instantly add home value and curb appeal to your home. Patios are often places of outdoor entertainment, and can be a great place to spend time with friends and family. Our team can help you create and envision your own sidewalks and patio, and can help accent your home.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is one of our specialties here at Master Lawn Care and Landscaping Service. Our team is equipped with the proper tools, safety accessories, and knowledge to remove a tree safely and professionally - saving you both time and money. Professional removal of trees can also help protect your home and property, as safety is our number one concern when removing trees. Tree removal can help better the overall ecosystem of your outdoor space, and can help clear out the area and offer a better view of your yard and surroundings.

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