Notes on Mowing a Lawn

We know of several people who are mowing the grass with a scythe. We do a bit of it with the scythe land supply to show that cutting the grass with a scythe is feasible. It’s a good way to learn the movement and rhythm of using a scythe. It requires a very sharp blade and has a stone blade often to keep a sharp edge. Peen For best effect and improve the blade before cutting. Penning takes about 10 minutes and the rest stoning to update the edge while mowing is 10-15 seconds. Try to Built every couple of minutes to keep the edge. You may need to rock again after 2 or 3 hours of mowing. In addition to a sharp edge, cut the grass when wet in the morning dew or after a light rain helps a lot. It is not necessary for the grass to be wet, but improves the cut.

Moisture adds weight to the short grass to help hold up the scythe slices through it. Moisture lubricates and softens the grass blade making it easier to cut. No rain or dew? If nature is stingy a sprinkler running water for a short time and then mowing of the lawn is done. Short grass can be difficult to cut. You do not have the weight and inertia of the taller grass. Once the blade has hit a couple of times the grass seems to turn to rubber. Just double and springs back once the blade has passed. At the anterior end of the road in particular has to be very strong and stays that way a good opportunity to cut the grass short. In the long term is that after several shells blade stoned hold an edge better than when the blade is new. In the absence of having someone experienced show you how to rock these instructions are the best we’ve seen. Short blades work well and are easier to use. It takes more time to mow the lawn, but short blades do not have the extra weight and strength of more leaves. Long leaves are not as easy to control as delicate or short blades. Do not expect the finished lawn look as neat as if done with a rotary mower, especially the first all. The lawn will have their holiday highs, and chops. Give yourself time to develop the ability to close a cut lawn. Mowing the lawn may take longer with this machine. Your neighbors will appreciate its quiet engine, less mowing. You will not be the annoying alarm clock jarring out of bed before breakfast.

You can mow the lawn before dawn, the dark light of the moon, at any time you like without the annoying noise of an engine. A scythe mowing can be done on wet and thick grass which can be bog down with the help of rotary power mower or by hand. Use the scythe to clear a tall grass before using a power or hand mower. A scythe cut up near the foundations, steps, fences, stone walls, plantings, garden beds and many other obstacles that a mechanical mower cannot approach.