How to Use a Lawn Mower?

It is important to choose a lawn mower that will be compatible with the type of grass that will work. This can make a big difference in the quality of lawn care. Using a lawn mower is important to maintain the manicured grass and there are many things we can do to check that the grass is cut to a healthy and all injuries are avoided. It is important to be able to judge when the lawn should be cut. The grass should be cut when it comes to one-third more than the recommended cut height. It is important to ensure that the cutter has an adequate amount of fuel and the blades are sharp to cut grass.

Dull blades damage the lawn mower, leaving it susceptible to injury and disease. It is important to change the cutting direction each time the grass is cut. This will ensure that the grass has time to recover and continue growing in their normal patterns across the season. Prior first use, it is important to read the manual for proper lawn care. After the guide has been read and safety precautions have been taken to examine the lawn of objects that can be spread in the air by the mower. Remove any objects from the lawn, such as rocks, toys, stones or pieces of wood. Children and pets should be kept out of the mower to avoid any risk of injury. It is important to protect the body against injury of the harvest. Feet are often the hardest hit by lawn mower injuries and therefore it is important to wear boots or sturdy shoes. Steel-toed shoes can prevent foot damage leaves. The grasses dry before cutting. If the grass is wet it will be sticking to the cutter to make difficulties for the court and cause mechanical problems with the mower.

We should maintain to ensure that injuries are avoided. A large percentage of injuries are preventable with proper maintenance mower. It is important to inspect the mower at all times before use. Before cut, be sure that all security measures in place and the operator is able to gently guide the mower for lawn care. Self-propelled mowers have different speeds and dangerous if the speed is too fast for the operator. With respect to manual or push mower, it is important that the operator is sufficiently strong to be able to push the mower. This is especially important if you have rough terrain or hills in the area of work.

During cutting, the mower off before passing through the sidewalks, driveways and other roads that are not grass. Never cut up a hill. If you are facing a hill cut in the hill to ensure the mower will not fall back and injure the operator. Never refuel the mower while the engine is hot. Remember that the fuel before the court to ensure optimal results in your lawn care. Feeding the lawn mower while it is hot you can create a splash of fuel and injure the operator of the mower. The grass should be cut at least once every two weeks. During these periods of high growth many people choose to cut the grass every week. Weekly Mowing ensure that the grass grows evenly