Importance of Lawn Care

Lawns care if not considered can result in untidy and messy lawn. Lush green lawns always attract others thus creating a pleasant atmosphere. It’s not always necessary to hire a professional for your lawn, as you can do it on your own. There are certain things which if you keep in mind; you can create a professional garden for your home.
Let’s start with the soil first, lawn should have a good soil underneath. If there is a problem in the soil; you surely will face lawn problems. You should have your soil tested, as it will give you an idea about good and bad qualities of that soil. The test will warns you from any future damage thus giving you the idea about what to add in the soil for proper functioning of the lawn. You can avail a garden kit which is available in all garden stores. There are also many private companies which are giving services for soil test and give free kits for lawn care as well.
You should also have a full knowledge of the seeds for grass according to the location. As it varies according to the climate and soil type of the city you are residing. If you think that your lawn is in good condition then still you should take continuous care of it. If you are starting to make a lawn for the first time, then ask your neighbor about his lawn and soil type. As this little effort can save you from many future problems. Your neighbor can guide you about the grass seeds and fertilizers as well as the schedule for watering the lawn.
Similarly growing grass in shady parts of the lawn requires certain consideration. Mostly the grass needs 3 to 4 hours of sunlight on daily basis. If most of the area of your lawn is not exposed to the sun, then you should get seed mix which is suitable for shady areas. There are many fescue blends which are good for such areas. In many Northern as well as south areas the grass which is suitable is St.Augustine.
Initial lawn care for planting new grass is also very important. First of all you need to aerate the soil, and spread the seed evenly on the tilled part. You can spread seeds with hands for small lawns whereas big lawns require seed spreader. The seeds should be well covered with layers of soil but these layers should be light. Some already prepared soils are also available including necessary nutrients for the new grass growth. The soil around the seed should be well moist. But never do over watering as it will damage the seed.
Fertilizers are necessary for good growth of the lawn. You need spreader for putting these fertilizers. There are drop spreaders and broadcast spreader. Lawn care depends on well spread fertilizer, as the drop type put fertilizer just below the spreader whereas broadcast type spreads the fertilizer in a certain pattern away from the spreader.