The Different Types of Mulch Materials In Maple Grove, Minnesota

There is wide variety of types of mulches available in Maple Grove City, Minnesota. They are all ready for you to choose from and apply them to your yard. Choosing a good mulching material for your yard will greatly help you protect your trees and plants. It will also help in reducing erosion and it can add beauty to your entire plot.
Mulch is an inorganic and organic material that is usually placed on the soil surrounding the trees, plants, shrubs, and other natural ornaments, acting as a protective cover. Mulch provides countless benefits to your lawn. By helping the soil to retain its moisture and by protecting the soft roots of the plants from extremely high temperatures, the mulches act as your yard’s insulator. Moreover, its deep layers will also block the weeds from getting sunlight, thus stopping its growth.
With the wide variety of kinds of mulching materials available in Maple Grove, Minnesota, choosing the best mulch that suits your needs might be difficult. Here is a list of some the various organic and inorganic mulching materials and its benefits:
1. Pine Straw – it is also known as pine needles. Found in the south-eastern part of the United States, pine straw is a famous choice of material for landscape mulching. This type of mulching material is fairly inexpensive. Since this material is very slow in decomposition, it lasts longer compared to other mulching materials available. Moreover, it cannot be easily washed off or float away when placed in hilly or sloped areas.
2. Pine Bark Nuggets – these are chucks of pine bark. Their usual colour is reddish-brown. They provide a neat and natural look to your landscape. Pine Bark nuggets have various sizes and the largest size is three inches long. Compared to the shredded mulching materials, they usually tend to break down slowly because of their sizes; however, they work well as a soil conditioner. One disadvantage of this type of mulching material is that it is not compact unlike other mulch material. Thus, this type of material does not stay in place and easily floats during heavy rains. It is a bit pricey compared to the pine needles and it attracts insects and termites.
3. Wood Chips – these types of mulching materials are composed of pieces of bark and wood of various sizes. Usually, these wood chips came from disposed trees and limbs that have been cut or detached. Mulch that is made from these wood chips are the best way to recycle wastes from trees. Aside from making your yard more attractive, they also do well in weed control. They help in preserving moisture in the soil and they don’t easily wash away. Moreover, this type of mulching material is good for mulching large areas of your lawn because it is moderately inexpensive. Avoid using wood chips around plants that are soft-stemmed. It also attracts termites and insects.
4. Shredded Wood Mulch – this type of material is very good in suppressing weed growth and it decomposes slowly. It is compact, thus, it will not easily wash away when placed in sloped areas and hillsides. It has various colours depending on the type of bark used.
Aside from these organic mulching materials, inorganic materials such as rocks, plastic, and rubber can also be used for mulching. These materials are quite expensive, however, they last longer compared to the organic materials.