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Time and time again you cut your lawn, leaving at least some clippings behind, which in moderation is excellent for a lawn. However, over time these lawn clippings, also known as thatch, can prevent water and other nutrients from getting through to the roots of your lawn. The thatch can also provide a great place to hide for insects. In order to rid your lawn of this problem, Master Lawn Care and Landscape performs a service called detaching.Using a power rake, we pull up the dead grass thatch buildup at the soil level of the lawn that chokes the growth of your grass.Optional reseed entire lawn , fertilize, and then water. This will thicken and rejuvenate your lawn and allow for water and nutrients to enter freely.     Pulling the thatch up allows the lawn room to grow and reseed itself. Best done in the early spring.

VERY IMPORTANT :to water your lawn after the detaching and seeding has been completed! At least 15 minutes daily, either early morning or early evening.