Aeration of the Lawn

Lawn aeration is done with machines which are called core aerators. In this process soil is cored out of the lawn. Though the oldest method of hand aerating is still used for small areas but bigger areas need core aerators. The core aerator extracts up to half or ¾ inches soil cores and place it on lawn. These aeration holes are mostly 1 to 6 inches in depth and are at a distance of 2 to 6inches from one another. Lawn aeration is required after a certain time as the soil gets compacted due to many activities as traffic of vehicles, parking, sports.Due to compaction the pores in the soil is reduced thus blocking the air. And as oxygen is essential for the plants as otherwise food and water for the plant will not work. Similarly root growth is ceased, which causes the slow growth of plants and grass.
So in such conditions aeration of the lawn becomes necessary. The process also enhances irrigation process as well as rain falls infilteration.You can check whether the soil needs to be aerated or not. You can do it by removing a small portion of lawn say 1 sq ft which is 6 inches deep, if you find roots of grass till 1 or 2 inches that mean the soil is compacted and aeration is required. Aeration is also required where the clay soil is very heavy. But sometimes aeration is not required as due to cold season or earth worms can loosen the soil. But always keep in mind that a lawn which is seeded newly does not require aeration for first year.
You do not always require a newly bought aerator as you can get it on rent from garden shops. Besides there are few landscape companies which offer free service of aeration. While buying do check the spoons of the machine as it should be hollow for deep coring. As the spring and fall season both are busy times regarding aerator so you must get it booked in advance. These machines are quite heavy and transportation are required to take it from one place to another. While aeration process you should consider many factors as, the soil should not be wet instead it should be moist. But as aerators cannot work deep if soil is dry so you must water the lawn two days before aeration. Similarly after heavy rainfall for a long time, at first let the soil dries a little and then do aeration. Water should only be 1 inch deep which you can’t get in one day, as 3 to 4 days are required for that purpose.
You must aerate the soil in 2 directions so that better aeration is achieved. During aeration you should beware of slopes which are steep and also landscape and any building around. If there are stones or the soil is rocky under the lawn then the aeration process become difficult. You should also mark the areas around any underground cables, septic tanks and sprinkler, as this is required before aeration so that no damage is done.