Aeration in General

Aeration is also termed as aerification, and it’s a process of air circulation either in a liquid or any other element. Aeration of water is done in various ways; either water is passed through air by cascades, fountains or paddle wheels. Ceramics are also used for the purpose, which involves air dispersion through ceramic into water or liquid. If the bubbles are small then more gas is there in the liquid thus gas transfer is achieved effectively. Some kinds of diffusers are also designed to for mixing. These diffusers are made by ceramic as it’s a porous material. It is manufactured by mixing aluminum oxide grains and porcelain which bonds it strongly. As a result a uniform and homogeneous material which is also porous is formed. A naturally hydrophilic material can be easily wetted and produce uniform bubbles.
In a liquid the area of the surface changes in proportion to the bubble size or drop of the liquid. Very small bubbles or drops can increase the aeration process because of the closed contact surface .Aeration of water or liquids is done for many reasons as, it is very useful in making colas and other drinks, sometimes it is done to block water flow form tap. It is also useful in sewage treatments or treatment of the waste water of the industries, which is done through mixing. Another advantage is that it can increase oxygen in water which is used for placing animals, like fish farms and aquariums. It is useful for fermentation process in liquids. Sometimes it is required so that other gases are removed as chlorine or carbon dioxide.
Aeration is very useful in chemistry as it oxidize the compound which is dissolved in water. Still waters are also rippled by this method of aeration. Other uses include Jacuzzis, pond aeration. Soil aeration is a very common method which is done by using machines with spikes. In soil aeration these spikes dig up to 1 feet and it is required so that air can let the water or nutrients reach the roots. As if the soil is compacted and is without pores, it will damage the plants or grassy area. This method of aeration with spikes is also used to solve many drainage problems where there is a turf area. Soil aeration can remove thatch which is built up in lawn and removes the compaction of soil thus making it porous. It creates a soil in which grass seeds are directly in contact with soil. Aeration makes drainage easy and also reduces the formation of puddles. The machines used for this purpose include tractors of pulled type, some walk behind models and some are ride on types.
Food also requires aeration, like in cakes, breads and many sauces. As if aeration is not done properly while making bread, it will be hard without any pores, same is the case with cakes. Aeration causes aroma of the wine to be exposed and is done by swirl wine in glass or use of a decanter which increases its exposure to air, or even in some cases a specialized wine aerator is used